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Our ‘373 customized sliced & diced concepts’ was developed to cater to consumers across Europe, who become increasingly aware of the quality of their food. Especially, the usage of all kinds of additives, coloring agents and preservatives which has many consumers worried. That’s why we, at 373 focus on only using prime meat cuts and avoiding the usage of additives. Thus, giving our customers honest meat products, as close to nature as possible.

Here you will find some ideas for sliced & diced meat and poultry products which can be used in the Ready Meal industry, Airline-catering, Foodservice and Cash & Carry. The concept starts from the raw material and ends with your finished packed product, produced according to your specifications. Flexibility, traceability, technology and quality are key words when developing your products and this is where we stand for.

The basic principle of each concept is the high quality of the meat. From there on, let this website inspire you on possibilities and let it be the starting point of finding the best concept for your needs!

373 Concepts
exceeding expectations

Choose your meat

The first step is to decide which ground material is needed for the development of your product/concept. We’ve selected the finest quality of beef, veal, lamb, chicken, turkey and pork from all over the world for you to choose from.

Things to take into account when choosing your ground material:

  • breed claims (Angus, Wagyu etc.)
  • intended price level (high end vs low end)
  • method of preparation (cooking, frying, roasting etc.)
Choose your Meat

Choose your cut

Once you have chosen your ground material, you need to decide on the cut. This is one of the most important steps in the process, as it determines the application of the meat.

Things to consider:

  • intended use/application of the meat (main component or as an ingredient)
Choose your Cut

Choose your size

Choosing the size of the cut is the next step. The size influences both the appearance and the taste of the final product. We offer a wide range of sizes, precisely tailored to your specific needs.

Things to take into account:

  • intended price level (high end vs low end)
  • method of preparation (minute steak or a traditional steak)
Choose your Size
From left to right: Beef cubes 12x12mm – Beef cubes 15x15mm – Beef cubes 30x30mm

Choose your taste

Our sliced and diced meat products are generally supplied without flavoring, to ensure that we stay true to the taste of the selected meat. For your convenience we can however, also offer a wide selection of different kinds of spices and marinades.

Things to take into account:

  • intended flavour (spicy, exotic etc.)
  • use of allergens (peanuts, walnuts, egg etc.)
Choose your Taste
From left to right: Soy – Peanuts – Sesame Seeds – Nuts – Gluten

Choose your packaging

We offer a wide range of packing solutions for retail-, foodservice- as well as industrial applications.

We shall work together with you, to supply the best packaging solutions, catering to your processes and needs. We provide tailor-made packaging, individually designed labels in the language of your choice, Individual Quick Frozen or vacuum-packed product in Jumbo cartons for industrial purpose, as well as retail and Cash & Carry packaging.


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