Our ‘373 customized burger concepts’ have been developed because we think that it’s time the burger takes back its rightful place, as the front-runner on menu cards. This requires the return of a quality burger; made out of the finest prime cuts from renowned meat breeds. With this concept we present superb burgers from all over the world, surprising customers with the provenance and the taste of each specific region. We have kept our burgers true to their origin, adding only herbs and spices, leaving the rest to the culinary prowess of the consumer or chef.

The basic principle of each concept is the high quality of the meat. From there on, let this website inspire you on packaging possibilities and let it be the starting point of finding the best burger for your needs!

373 Concepts
exceeding expectations

Prime Cut Collection

Prime cut collection

This burger packaging design focusses on meat quality. The words ‘prime cut collection’ together with the drawing in which different cuts are marked, suggest craftsmanship and quality directly from the butcher. This traditional look and feel emphasizes the use of good quality meat. The design is kept relatively simple to keep the focus on quality, tradition and craftsmanship.

Traditiuonal Butchers Burger

Traditional butchers collection

This burger packaging design focusses on meat quality but with a different edge. For example, by using a bigger drawing of cattle the packaging suggests that the beef is carefully selected and of the highest quality. The title ‘Traditional Butchers Burger’ should emphasize this too. It creates an expectation of carefully crafted burger made from the finest quality of beef.

100% Beef Burger

USA Burger

Most consumers associate burgers with the United States of America. For this design we chose to focus on the link between the US and the burgers. The male look & feel together with a design which could have originated in a typical American diner, suggests that the burgers inside have been made by an American burger specialist who has made the best tasting burger there is, just for you.

Beef Burger

Beef Burger

To show the effects of using burger images in the packaging design, we can also show you some examples. These examples show a more basic appearance in which the difference can be made with the ingredients that are used in the actual burger recipe (like pepper or cheese). This packaging design is less distinctive compared to packaging designs of other burger brands in the European market. It can suit a demand for a simple, basic appearance in which the different recipes stand out through photography.

Other choices

Besides choosing a specific packaging design for your burger concept you can also choose the specific cuts of beef used to prepare the burger, the breed, level of grinding of the meat, ingredients used, size of the burger, number of burgers in the package and the way of packing the burgers.

Please contact us so we can meet and discuss what burger packaging concept is best for you or your customers.

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